Commercial concrete is a big part of what we do.  We have the experience and the equipment to be able to complete commercial projects of all sizes.



Box, form, prep, mesh, place & finish

The team at AMC  have all the skills needed to box/form foundations, floors, retaining wall etc, to then mesh to any specification, prep and then place and finish the project, this will also include arrange other subbies that are needed - the whole job.



Place and finish

AMC provides the service to place and finish floors, driveways, terraces etc that have already been prepared by another contractor, for this we provide the staff and equipment to do the job. We can also help with booking concrete, pumps, arranging cutting and any other requirements your job may need.


Floors and yard slabs

With the use of excavators and experienced staff AMC can not only place and finish your slab, we can complete all preparation and form work to correct specifications. With our experience we can also assist with design aspects for you to achieve the most efficient and fit for purpose slab possible.


Ride-on trowels

AMC own a fleet of ride on troweling machines allowing us to offer you a more superior finish which is imperative for house floors with areas to be tiled, ground or polished. Ride on troweling machines also allow us to tackle larger pours in the same day getting your projects finished faster.


Drain Laying

With our skilled staff we are able to include drainage as part of our services. Most projects need some form of drainage, we will help you design your project to include a drainage plan, we will complete the installation to the right specifications.


Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is an important process in the construction of a concrete slab.