Surface water

We can recommend a variety of sumps to help eliminate surface water from your new projects.

Slot drains

There are many reasons to use a slot drain, along with many different designs. If you have a level entry into your house a slot drain around the perimeter is required.

Storm water

We will design the optimum solution to remove any storm water from the concrete or down pipes to a suitable outlet.

Upgrading old services

Before your new concrete is placed, we can upgrade old services such as water main, sewer pipes and storm water drains, this will eliminate new concrete being removed or patched up, if these services failed after the project is complete.



Kerb entries

We can work with the council to lay through footpaths or vehicle crossing to install outlets into the kerb.


We can install drainage at a commercial level, from water mains to chambers and access pits, to suit any size job.